As a single father of two girls, I wanted to have a pet for them to love and share. I Love cats and dogs, but had found out I was allergic to them both. One day walking through the pet store with my girls, we came across a beautiful orange, yellow, and purple lizard. I asked the pet store employee what type of lizard it was and he replied saying it was a bearded dragon. Then, he asked if I wanted to hold it? I denied the offer, but as I looked over to my daughters, I saw them jumping up and down asking if they could hold it. After the employee ensured that bearded dragons were lovable, I let them hold him. I was amazed at the bearded dragon’s temperament and as the girls began petting him, he closed his eyes, loving the affection. Of course they wanted to take him home, begging me to return to the pet store, but I wanted to research them a bit more. We then decided to purchase a orange baby girl bearded dragon from a breeder. We quickly fell in love with her and decided it was time to buy a second one, so along came a yellow baby boy about a month later.

About a year later, our girl, Phoenix, and boy, Merlin, grew into beautiful dragons. We took them everywhere with us. One day, we had them with us at the mall as we were shopping and a person passing by stopped asking if Merlin, who was on my shoulder, was real. In shock and with some fear, the man pet and held Merlin inquiring about him. Within minutes, we were surrounded by about 30 people asking about the lizards and taking pictures while facing their fears of reptiles. After the crowd passed, we walked away with around four phone numbers of individuals interested in baby bearded dragons we hoped to be having soon from our pair. My older daughter, Jasmin, said "Dad, we should start a business with them,” and I looked at her, asking her to elaborate. She preceded to state that they each have about 60 babies from each pregnancy and that with the amount each dragon would cost, we would make a certain amount of money. I was amazed and asked my youngest daughter, Bella, what she thought. She jumped up and down saying “Yeah! Lets do it!” On our way home, we began coming up with names for our newfound company. After going through many interesting ideas we landed on “MyPetDragon.”

Six months later, Bella, at the age of nine, was coloring and cutting paper next to me and suddenly slapped her hand down on the table. She slid towards paper wings she had cut and colored. After asking, she got me to tape the wings onto the backs of some of our other dragons we bought after Merlin and Phoenix. The dragons ran around the room with the wings and I was amazed by how dragon-like they looked. The bearded dragons didn't even seemed bothered by having them on and that was when I knew she had created something that could bring a whole new world to the bearded dragon community.

After two years of development and after many prototypes, we came up with a product that both fills a need as well as brings functionality and imagination to the public and their bearded dragons. This has opened up a new world and brought a great deal of possibility from this journey. We are excited to share our current and future products in hopes of creating an amazing, fun world where people experience owning their own pet dragons. As a father, I want to give my daughters the ability to live their dreams and want others, young and old, to be inspired by our journey and use it to fulfill their own dreams.

Thank you for taking the time to read,

Reno Pignotti